Burts Chips

Devon-based Burts Chips create hand-cooked crisps in small batches, before adding a range of delicious natural seasonings. To highlight this, each bag even has the name of the fryer who prepared them!

Contracted by agency Red Rocket, I designed and built the website, which uses Flash animation to emphasise the playful and hand-made aspect of the business and featuring, amongst other things: excitable, jumping bags of crisps; an area where you can meet the fryers and learn about their personalities; and a ‘Wallace and Gromit’ style, tongue-in-cheek ‘factory’ where you can see how the crisps make their journey from spud to bag. The site was a big hit with the public and the advertising industry, who awarded the site gold in two awards – the Roses Creative Awards and The Cream Awards For Advertising. The site is also multi-lingual and has been expanded several times over the years.